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What our missionaries are saying about us

All I can say is, this was a truly life changing experience.

We had an awesome team, and a meaningful and relevant experience for our personal relationship with Christ the Lord.

One of the best things I met in this short term mission trip was the spiritual preparation we were challenged for.

The leader of this short term mission trip, a humble and happy man, Greg, was a spiritual father for me and for

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

I only heard about the sickness in this country and then I saw it. And then I saw them singing and dancing and it made me feel embarassed and jealous because they were so happy doing it.

Everybody at Commit Ministries has had somerhing to teach me, from just shaking hands, hugging people, praying for them, giving medicines, taking blood pressure, setting up the sound systems, giving, creating a good atmosphere to all the other things that take so much to be mentioned.


”I went on five trips to China with COMMIT to teach ESL and each time was an experience that helped me grow as a person, a teacher, and a follower of Christ.”

”This was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend.”


”This trip provided many opportunities to serve God and also provided many challenges to face as our eyes were opened to the corruption in the people’s hearts and in the politics.”


”Although this was not my first mission trip, it was by far the most significant as far as impacting those we had come to help and also in regards to how significantly it impacted me.”


“Loving and knowledgeable hosts, being open to God’s leading each day was a must, and was a joyful experience daily!

  • Brigitte
  • Dan
  • Catalin
  • Karen
  • Ellen
  • Naomi
  • Jai
  • Sheila