Pauline Wayo

Kenya Student Sponsorship Program – But Why?

KENYA STUDENT SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM is our ministry main focus. We are aware that without the opportunity to education foreducation, chances to living a fully independent life is not possible.

Commit Ministries International is assisting the Daisy Special Needs School near Kakamega in the Western Province of Kenya. Most of the students are either physically or mentally disabled and many have Cerebral Palsy; many are orphans as well.



The government provides for some costs of education to offset school fees but the remainder of the burden falls upon the student. It is very tough for these deserving kids to pay and if fees are not paid, the student is quite often sent home.

Your sponsorship provides hot meals each day, helps the school to hire teachers, and even helps the school maintain their facility. Students without a sponsor will, in most cases, not be able to complete school.

This young lady is Pauline Wayo. As of June 9 th , she is 17 years old and a very good student in the Intermediate Vocational Training Program.

Her parents are separated and she now lives with her Grandfather.

Her favorite subject is Numergetics Communication and she loves to cook! No one is paying her school fees so she really needs help if she is ever going to have a chance at becoming a Chef.

She needs a sponsor and we pray you will help. Just $31 a month keeps her in school!

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