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I am happy to share my testimonials on Short Term Mission Trip with Commit and their trip to Mexico which I have been a part of. I also took my granddaughter who is in her twenties. I have known Greg and his wife Mona for a few years now and can say they most certainly ‘walk their talk’ in everyday life.

Commit leadership is one of integrity, strength, and dedication to opening opportunities for the international experience of helping others in need. You have seen the other nations Commit is dedicated to with Mexico being the closest to home. Although this outreach to Mexico was not my first international mission experience, it was my granddaughter’s. The trip gave her a hands-on experience not only of helping others less fortunate than herself but of hearing their stories and watching what their daily lives consist of.

The experience enlarged her view of her own purpose and possibilities of caring for others. The team we were part of consisted of a group of adults and children who had not previously met. Since the team is responsible for organizing the Thanksgiving meal, helping in its preparation and serving, unity among team members was immediate we only had three days.

The children on the team not only served the orphanage children but also played games with them. There might have been a language barrier for some, but not a fun barrier. The trip is well organized, but not overly regimented leaving a door open for team members to continue involvement with the orphanage on their own after returning home.

The accommodations were clean and ample. Each day began with a team time of devotions and prayer before we headed out for the day’s needs. I suppose I could easily make this a too-long email since I certainly do encourage the experience. It’s one that can be easily repeated, shared for others to join, and even build your own team in the future if you so desired.

I’ve been on other mission trips to Mexico and found this trip the most inclusive of each team member’s talents and simple willingness to help. There are things for everyone to take part in, amazing people to meet, and many are bilingual.

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I had the privilege of sharing in a life changing mission experience. My wife and I had been looking for a mission to Kenya and found Commit Ministries. We called and spoke with Greg Crawford to be informed. We signed up before you know it we were on our way. Throughout the time while waiting for the actual trip date, we were frequently updated with information and changes in flights and mission itinerary.

Tom Bartlett

We participated in a mission to support some already established programs that have been at work. We spent time in Western Kenya and I believe some time in Southern Kenya. I served with no expectations and was given so much. There we supported schools with continued efforts to develop relationships with staff and students. I personally had the opportunity of working directly with some students.

I spent some time with them on 2 specific projects. One project was installing glass windows. The other project was building a bunk bed. There are some students that live at the school because they are orphaned. Everything is done by hand. From splitting wood for the frame to planning the boards smooth.

They were hand doweled and fastened. This experience will provide some of those students with a trade they may pursue once they complete their education. I also have a new found gratitude for things we take for granted.

The group also held a medical clinic while on this mission. Many were helped and provided with necessary medicine. In addition, I sponsor 2 students in need. I had the privilege of meeting one of the students I sponsor along with his mother.

What a fulfilling experience. I pray that my participation was received well. I pray that the interaction with the students was positive and Lord prospers it. I also pray that the community in and around the schools will be supported with continued efforts to bring up and educate the children. I look forward to participating again.

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I don’t normally do the whole “review” thing, but after seeing the last review about this trip I had to say something. I was on the same mission as the young lady above and had 100% different experience. I saw lives changed: hungry fed, sick healed, naked clothed, widows and orphans comforted.

The gospel spoke. Our days were clearly planned out and explained the night before (though things seemed to go Gods way more then Our “planned” way.) Germany was an incredible experience of its own.

I will admit little debriefing was done in Europe… you get out what you put in and at that point most of the team members were ready for a little relaxation and sight seeing after a few long weeks of labor. However there were debriefing sessions the final day in Kenya before we departed.

I have been on 4 trips with COMMIT now and plan on many more to come. Greg Crawford has had a huge impact on my walk with Christ and has been a constant encouragement to live out the Great Commission.

If you are looking for a Real mission trip with people who have a Real heart for Gods work and a passion for being the hands and feet of Jesus… Look no further! COMMIT is where you want to begin. I would love to share my experiences in greater detail with anyone interested!

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Jeremiah Truhlar

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This was my first overseas mission trip, and I didn’t do much research on the organization I wanted to go through for the trip, but I’m happy that I ended up working with COMMIT! Overall, COMMIT did an excellent job getting me to the work site, surrounding me with supportive people, and finding me safe places to stay and teach. This was a huge deal since I was a white woman travelling by myself in a place where I could be a potential target.

Randi Batt

While I was on the trip, the staff took time to check up on me. They communicated directly with me and the host family about how I was doing and the duties I was being assigned at the schools. As I mentioned, this mission trip was my first chance to share God’s love overseas. It was an amazing opportunity to truly live life with the people from Kakamega, Kenya. During the time I spent with my host family and teaching English and Life Skills at various secondary schools in the area, I learned so much about their culture and the struggles that they experience on a regular basis. It was unlike any mission trip that I have experienced.

I would definitely recommend working with COMMIT to someone who is open to being used by God in wonderful, challenging, and unexpected ways while becoming immersed in a new and different culture. Even after getting back from Kenya, I am still able to maintain contact with the staff at COMMIT and some of the people I met in Kakamega. This is truly a blessing!

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I went on a trip with Greg and Mona to Kenya. We visited primary and secondary schools and got to put on concerts for the community with a band traveling with us. Those of us not in the band were expected to find our own way to serve during the concert. So, we did a lot of dancing and loving on the little ones. This is NOT part of their culture.

Kids are set at the back of the crowd but we brought them to the front and sat on the ground with them. Many mothers cried in gratitude to us for showing their children love. We also had the opportunity to host two medical clinics. I personally got to be very hands on with reading prescriptions and distributing medications.

There were also opportunities to interview children for financial sponsorships, if you chose to do so. Greg took a deep personal interest in each of the team members and did his best to help us play off our strengths.

I work with Special Needs children to help them build social, communicative, and physical skills. Anytime he got the chance, Greg was telling my story and promoting better treatment of Special Needs children (in places like Kenya, these children are seen as a curse or embarrassment to the family and often locked inside at all times). By the last day, one of the principals who heard my story got 18 Special Needs children to attend a concert! They came with their teachers and I got the chance to speak with them and assist Greg in setting up a program for them!

It’s impossible to explain all that goes on on these trips and the impact it makes on your life and the lives of those you meet. All I can say is, this was a truly life changing experience. Greg has a bold personality and a huge heart and I think he’s genuinely perfect for the job he’s doing in Kenya.

Brigitte Bontems

This trip was wonderful from the perspective of the high number of opportunities to minister to those we had come to serve (students) and also lots of contact with the local community and a wide variety of schools and their staff. Over the 5 week trip I was able to deliver education on various aspects of sexual health, particularly AIDS, to over 600 students class by class. I was also able to conduct a valuable survey at one school on the same subject to leave with the principal and also spent time imparting information to teachers.

Although this was not my first mission trip, it was by far the most significant as far as impacting those we had come to help and also in regards to how significantly it impacted me.

I believe that this trip of longer than the usual two weeks, and involving staying with the locals, enabled us to truly grasp the cultural issues of the country and therefore approach the way our help was delivered far more effectively. I found the trip so enlightening, yet challenging but ultimately fulfilling and important.

Julie Bednall

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I do serve in my own country but this was different. We met so many students, kids and sick people that we could be useful to through singing about God and also physically by doing medical camps. I only heard about the sickness in this country and then I saw it. And then I saw them singing and dancing and it made me feel embarrassed and jealous because they were so happy doing it. At first I was kind of afraid of mosquitoes and all the bugs but the following day I said to myself that protection is His, and I was right.

Everybody at Commit Ministries has had something to teach me, from just shaking hands, hugging people, praying for them, giving medicines, taking blood pressure, setting up the sound systems, giving, creating a good atmosphere to all the other things that take so much to be mentioned. It was the first time I felt weird because of the white color of my skin, but also, I knew so many of the people there were happy to see a “Mzungu” (white person).

If I had another chance to get back, I’d take it!

Catalin Ciuculescu

This is a review of my mission trip to China where I served as an English teacher in a private Christian school.
Before the trip, I was required to complete a devotional, which was sent to me, about preparing my heart for a missions trip. There were other requirements like gathering a list of prayer partners and filling out a questionnaire about myself. I was also in contact with people at the school in China who helped me obtain my Visa by providing me an invitation letter. I had a general idea what to expect
when I arrived, and I knew where to wait and who was going to pick me up.

After my arrival, I met the staff member who would be in charge of my activity while at the school. It was also made clear who would be helping me on weekends or whenever school was not in session. Every staff member was helpful and courteous without exception.

Although I was a guest, my thoughts and opinions were valued as though I was a fellow teacher. The school’s operation was very orderly, yet I had freedom to use my God given gifts and talents. Not only was I able to help the students learn English, but I was also able to share my faith daily. Every day began and ended with the teachers praying and worshiping together.

On my first work day, I led the entire student body in prayer which would be the first of many times. On other occasions, I taught over a dozen students in 45-minute devotionals on specific verses. Every day, I was able to speak one-on-one with students as I helped them learn from faith-based curriculum like math, grammar, science, geography and Scripture. My overall experience was outstanding, partially because I was forced to get out of my comfort zone and do things I had not imagined myself doing like teaching a class by myself.

It was also challenging but fun to help my students with acting and speaking in a skit for their year end celebration. One of the most important things that made my trip a success was prayer, both personally and corporately.

My prayer partners were very important to me and I kept them advised of what was going on even though I could not talk about specifics. The realization that I was in a country where what I was doing could get me detained or kicked out was a constant reminder to pray for protection and guidance. I cannot place a value on the many friends I made as well the lives He touched through me, but I am satisfied with the cost of the trip based on these reasons.

My time in country was nearly 40 days, much longer than other missions with a similar cost. I stayed in one place throughout the trip and was able to develop relationships. I consistently used many God-given gifts and talents. Finally, I must not leave out the fact that the food was absolutely amazing!

John Goerke

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